The Tails
in The City

The Tails
in The City

Who We Are

classy & consistent pet grooming - highly skilled professional groomers


What We Offer

We are an all inclusive luxury pet salon.
All packages include:

Massage Bath
Hypo Allergenic Shampoo
Aloe Skin and Coat Conditioner
Teeth Brushing along with Toothbrush
Ear Cleaning
Ear Plucking (request only)
Nail Trim / Grind
Nose and Pad Moisturizer
5 Minute Fluff and Puff
Bow or Bandana

*Anal gland expression $10 upon request only

01/ Grooming

Look no further, our staff is highly skilled in grooming and has a lot of experience dealing with all pups!

02/ Washing

Our staff will have a full-service bath for your pup and get them all dappered up!

03/ Quality Service

We appreciate you and your loved pet, so we put all our heart and attention for every service!

Complete Groom

Included: Shampoo, Nail Trim & Grind, Ear Cleaning, Blowdry, Brushout, and Full Body Haircut
  • Small Dog - $95 - $105+
  • Medium Dog - $110 - $140+
  • Large Dog - $150 - $200+
  • XL-XXXL Dog - $225 - $500+
  • Standard Poodles - $225+
  • DOODLES - $130-$225+
All prices are estimates. Prices may vary depending on size, coat condition, and temperament.

Face, Feet & Sanitary Trim (FFS)

Included: Shampoo, Nail Trim & Grind, Ear Cleaning, Blowdry, Brushout, and Trimming of the Paws + Face + Sanitary Regions
  • Small Dog - $75 - $85+
  • Medium Dog - $85 - $130+
  • Large Dog - $120 - $155+
  • XL-XXXL Dog - $155 - $205+
  • Samoyed - $180 - $225+
*Recommended for Puppies First Experience*

Bath, Brush, Nails (BBN)

  • Small Dog - $60 - $70+
  • Medium Dog - $70 - $110+
  • Large Dog - $110 - $140+
  • XL-XXXL Dog - $145 - $470+


  • Medicated Oatmeal- $10
  • Chlorhexidine - $20+ (Based on Pet Size)
  • Flea/Tick - $25+ (Based on Pet Size)
  • Own Medicated Shampoo- $10
  • Deskunk
    $50+ (Based on Pet Size)
  • Deshed
    $40+ (Based on Pet Size)

Grooming Evaluation


We require an evaluation appointment for any pet that may have one (1) or more of the following:
  • 01/ Requires special handling (i.e. unable to stand sensitivity/aggression/etc.).
  • 02/ Has not been professionally groomed in 6 months or more.
  • 03/ Has never been professionally groomed and over 8 months old.
  • 04/ Has been turned away or kicked out of any professional grooming establishment
Evaluations will be booked as a regular appointment.
If all goes well during the evaluation we will continue with
the grooming process.
If your pet should fail the evaluation, we then charge $45 and
provide you alternatives to safely get your pet
professionally groomedeen 3-3:30pm
Additional Services

Need Something Extra?

Additional Services

  • Clean Feet/Face
    (Non poodle)
    - $25+
  • Dematting - $2/min
  • Shave Down- $30+
    (Based on Size of Pet)
  • Zoom Groom- $45+
    (Based on Size of Pet)
  • Special Handling- $25+
    Geriatric - $25+
    (Based on Size of Pet)
  • Anal Gland Expression (upon request only) - $10

Specialty Cuts

  • Tapered Leg/Foot - $15+
  • Longer Leg - $25+
  • Special Breeds | Call for Pricing
  • Cats Bath | $120
    Full Groom | $150


All appointments will require a credit card on file in order to secure an appointment. 3.75% surcharge to all major credit cards.

Cancelation/Reschedule/No Show - Should you need to cancel or reschedule please do so 48 business hours in advance. Less than 48 hours will be charged 100% of service. Cancelations or Reschedules given on Sundays and Mondays will not be accepted as they are non business days. Ex: Tuesday appointments need to be cancelled by Friday and Wednesday appointments need to be cancelled by Saturday.

Late Drop off - If your pet will be late to their appointment, please notify us at your earliest knowledge, late drop offs not only interfere with other appointments it also sets your groomer behind. Please allow your groomer extra time, and be aware that your pets service is subject to change due to time constraint. Ex: A full hair cut is now a face feet and sanitary 10-15 minutes will have a $10 fee applied 15+ minutes will be considered a no show and 100% of service will be charged.
*If you are having someone else drop off, please make them aware of our policies as they will apply to everyone without exception.

Pick up - All pets are required to be picked up within 1 hour of notification. Ex: A call/text at 12pm, that your pet is ready, should be picked up by 1 pm. $1 p/m for any time past 1 hour will be applied. $25 for every 15 minutes past closing time, 5 pm.
*If you will be having someone else pick up please make them aware of our policies as they will apply to everyone without exception.

Rewash - Please make sure your pet relieves themself before their appointment. There is plenty of grass area in our surrounding neighborhood, we will provide a poop bag if you do not have one, along with a designated trash can outside of the salon for your convienence. If your pet should relieve themselves within our care and needs a "rewash" there will be a $20-$50 fee applied.
Ex: Feet only vs feet and entire rear end.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Our policies are in place to ensure your pet receives the best care along with a stress-free environment. If you have any questions or conerns please feel free to contact us as our door is always open for communication.

Meet Our Amazing Team

All our employees are pet friendly and professionally trained!

Jenna Vega




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